To be honest, I'm not the hugest football fan. Sure, I can enjoy watching a match, I understand the rules, and I have a vague understanding of the major teams around the world. However, there are obviously some players that stand out and are worth keeping a close eye on.

Freddie Ljungberg is exactly that kind of footballer.

Ljungberg is from Sweden, but made it big in the Premier League where he played for Arsenal. Ljungberg retired from playing in 2008, and moved into coaching roles. He's just wrapping up a stint as interim head coach of Arsenal.

It was as the face of Calvin Klein underwear that Ljungberg's star really shone. He's done quite a bit of modelling, but the Calvin Klein ads were the ones that turned everyone's heads - showcasing a killer combination of cheekbones and icy gaze.

Obviously, the Calvin Klein shoots were a few years ago, but Freddie is still looking good and still serving the kind of heat that has us reaching for our football shorts.

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