• When you’re traveling with work, you’re out of your routine and it’s harder to keep control of what you’re eating, what you’re drinking and finding some time to squeeze in some exercise as well.
  • Whether you’re stuck in a hotel room, trying to stay awake during a long workshop or making polite conversation through a tedious dinner, it can be almost impossible to hit the booze hard or resist the chunky Kit Kat in the mini-bar.
  • Don’t beat yourself up too much — it is a bit of an occupational hazard and sometimes you just need to do whatever you need to do to get yourself through. But with a bit of forward planning, there are a few strategies you can have up your sleeve to keep yourself on track as much as possible:
  1. Use a small pill-box to pack a supply of supplements — or at least stick a tub of multivitamins in your luggage.
  2. Pack a bag of nuts in your laptop bag (great for a snack or as an alternative to lunch if all they’re offering is deep fried balls of haggis).
  3. Avoid pre-dinner drinks and make an entrance just in time for dinner.
  4. Request gluten free meals at the conference (at the very least it’s a talking point over dinner)