As part of the promotion of Daddy Dilemma from Icon Male, I caught up with JD Phoenix for a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

Directed by Nica Noelle, the film stars Jaxton Wheeler, Michael Roman, and JD Phoenix.

How did you get your start in gay porn?

My first porn shoot was on 5 September 2011, with the Sean Cody studio. I was fresh out of High school - I moved from a small town in upstate New York to Sin City when I was 17. I knew practically no one, and had just enough cash to pay the rent for one month in a little studio apartment.

I was very closeted in grade school, but about three months before I did my first porn scene, I experienced a variety of sexual encounters that led me to be more confident. I needed to pay my electric bill, so…

After my little exclusive with Sean Cody, they decided to go bareback, and I took the advice of a co-worker and opted out. I had to find another studio in order to keep the lights on. Some friends introduced me to the director mr Pam, and things clicked from there.

Being from where I’m from, I embraced and capitalised on the attention that I was getting through my work in porn. It’s amazing what a young jock-boy butt will do to some men!

Sex and porn are like a necessity for me - I’ve lived my ‘gay’ life consumed by it.

How many productions have you appeared in since that first shoot with Sean Cody?

I’ve shot with basically all of the major condom studios, and did some fetish, kink, piss, and smoking porn. I’d say anywhere from 50 to 80 scenes.

I’ve worked a lot with Icon Male - they’re amazing people to be around. They specialise in the daddy-son, jock, and muscle niche. My films with them include Baby Boy, Forgive Me Father 3, Brothers, Fathers & Sons 2, Sugar Daddies, Guys Kissing Guys, and now Daddy Dilemma.

What makes a studio good to work with?

An ability to choose your partners, while having sex that is comfortable and preferred by the performers.

Also, an amazing director and crew who have the strength and assurance to deal with the ‘average’ porn performer.

Do you notice any difference in style or atmosphere between productions that have a female director at the helm compared to male directors?

For me, it’s about whatever the other performer wants to do, and personally it doesn’t matter if a girl, a guy, or a moose is behind the camera. It’s about showing lust and natural sexual emotions.

At Icon Male, the atmosphere and style is different from other studios. I love Nica Noelle, and she’ll always be a very special person to me and for gay porn. She’s made Icon Male from the ground up with her talent and brilliant ideas. She’s brought a lot to the modern gay porn industry.

Have you worked with Michael Roman or Jaxton Wheeler before?

No, neither of them.

Michael Roman was technically a booty-call favour that Nica arranged for me. He’s new, hung, and I’d heard very nice things about him.

Jaxton Wheeler I’ve heard of for years, but we’d never crossed paths.

What’s the dynamic like on set when you have to connect with someone that you haven’t worked with before?

I try to get a feel for the guy before we do the scene, and before it’s really even finalised. I like to try to act like we’re having real sex while shooting. So it goes faster, and it’s enjoyable of course.

Why get paid for something if you don’t like it? Especially if you’re having sex, and you’re a gay man.

Daddy Dilemma explores inter-generational relationships . Why do you think that this is a relationship dynamic that fuels the fantasies of gay men?

I see it like a circle of life. The young guys get to learn from a place of experience, and the alphas get to share their sexual knowledge. Sometimes I get a little pervy with the ‘daddies’ but I love it both ways. It kind of brings out the closed-off, small-town boy that became a porn star.

The narrative of Daddy Dilemma also explores open relationships, and some of the challenges and excitement that open relationships can offer to couples. Is that something you’ve had any personal experience with or do you prefer your relationships to be more monogamous?

It may be surprising when I say this, but honestly I’ve never really had ‘boyfriends.’ I’ve had relationships, in the sense that there are several men - daddies, boys, bears, otters - in just about every major city in the US, that I have a certain understanding with.

I’m realistic, I like dicks, and I know that one can’t and won’t hold me down.

What next for JD Phoenix?

Taking a break, perhaps. I see porn as stages, and if you don’t evolve and change then you die. I like looking at longevity, always reinventing myself.

When I go, I go hard, and put 110 percent into everything I do.

From rewatching my early work, to now, I see things that have changed. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next stage is going to look like.

JD Phoenix stars in Daddy Dilemma from Icon Male (image courtesy of Icon Male)
JD Phoenix stars in Daddy Dilemma from Icon Male (image courtesy of Icon Male)
JD Phoenix stars in Daddy Dilemma from Icon Male (image courtesy of Icon Male)

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