At school, when I was growing up in Australia, I played football. This was Australian Rules Football — a winter sport, a bit like rugby but more like Gaelic football.

I started playing football as a way of trying to fit in with the other kids. I wasn’t completely terrible at it, I was tall for my age so that was in my favour, but I wasn’t particularly good at it either.

But I liked being part of a team, I liked the overwhelming masculinity of the football club, I liked hanging out in the changing rooms, sharing the communal showers with other guys, trying to discretely observe the older guys who would play the matches after us.

After moving to London, I joined a water polo team. It was a gay water polo team. I’d never played water polo before, I wasn’t even particularly good at swimming, but I was looking for some sort of team sport so I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t any good at water polo, but I enjoyed being part of the team. The training, the matches, the tournaments, the changing rooms.

Some of those experiences and fantasies have found their way into the erotic gay fiction that I’ve written about a college water polo team.

It’s called Play Hard.

Here’s a taste:

“These boys are complaining that you got a bit too rough with them in the pool in that last game…” explained the captain. “A bit hands-on?”
“Um… I wasn’t actually complaining…” chipped in Mikey.
“Oh?” smiled the Captain. “You liked the attention? Look at what you were grabbing onto, Ludkik — look at the size of this kid’s cock. You had hold of this monster and you still couldn’t stop him swimming off you?”
“That is a fucking big dick…” Ludkik agreed, grinning at his captain. “But, in my defence, it was covered up in a really tight pair of swim-briefs — I couldn’t really get a proper grip. If we’d been playing in the nude I would have grabbed it like this…”
Ludkik demonstrated his technique by reaching forward and wrapping his hand firmly around the thick shaft of Mikey’s cock.
“Oh fuck…” moaned Mikey, instantly feeling his cock harden at the Colombian’s touch.
“Wow…” admired Dean. “That is pretty aggressive play…”
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