I caught up with my buddy Chet, to talk about his experiences of man-on-man encounters in the US military.

Chet has to remain anonymous for this interview due to the nature of his work.

The logistics of the US military means that large groups of men are brought together for extended periods of time — up to 25,000 guys the larger military bases, all living together. There must be a fair bit of sexual tension with that many guys all together in the one place?

Base populations vary. Living conditions vary. The majority of military men are between ages 20–39. It’s fair to say that there’s a good amount of testosterone.

Obviously, all guys need to jack-off on a fairly regular basis. Was that something that was discussed?

Guys jerked in their racks and the shower. I’d pretty quickly be pegged for gay, so I didn’t get involved in the bro-jobs or buddy-jerks that I’m sure went on with the straight guys. The men that I connected with weren’t that interested in a buddy-jerk given the opportunity to shoot into a willing mouth or hole.

Particularly in times when gay men weren’t accepted by the military, how did it work if you wanted to get off with another guy?

One option for me was bookstores or bars in remote towns, generally at least 25–50 miles away from the base. A second option for me was at ambiguous cruising spots.

A favourite meeting spot for me at one base was a nearby boat landing. On hot days I’d drive down there and I’d wax and detail my pick-up truck while shirtless. The truck was beautiful, and it was a great conversation starter. There’s nothing like getting fucked in the woods by redneck GIs while bent over the tailgate of your own pick-up.

Would straight guys look to get off with other guys?

Yes, I remember very early in my career hooking up with a married guy — he’d invite me over whenever his wife and kids went out of town. He was a shorter, muscular man who wanted to be fucked. Usually I’m a bottom, but I’m an ass man and this particular guy’s ass was so beautiful. He was seemingly straight and masculine in all ways except he needed a dick up his hole, and I was happy to oblige.

The best guys were straight men who I got to break in. I connected with a straight guy in his mid-40s. He’d never been with another man, and all he wanted was a blow-job. I sank to my knees, reassured him he could stop anytime he didn’t feel comfortable. I undid his belt and camo trousers, and gently pulled his semi-hard-on out of his briefs. He had a nice tool that I enjoyed servicing with my mouth. After a little while he laid down on the bed and I began exploring his nuts with my mouth. He really liked that. As my tongue explored further down, I pushed the limits and started going under his sack, finally reaching his hole. He was moaning like a cheap whore in about two seconds after I started tonguing his ass. I’m an ass man, so I let him jerk himself to completion while I ate that beautiful senior enlisted hole. We had a few more encounters after that.

Would the gay guys on base get a reputation as being willing to help a straight guy get off?

Before the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was overturned, gay men could get that reputation. I’m sure there are many ways that happened, but every military town had — and still has — cruising spots or bookstores where men met. After establishing a connection there was generally interest in keeping that link if the other guy was interested. Sometimes they’d also recommend my services to one of their buddies.