Class Comics is fuelling our fantasies

Get your hands on Volume #3 of The Naked Knight.

Class Comics is fuelling our fantasies

The team from Class Comics continue to set the standard when it comes to creating erotic comics and super-hero sexual fantasies.

The stories that they publish are beautifully drawn and also deliver detailed narratives - it's a killer combination that makes this next-level erotica.

One of their recent publications is a new instalment in the story of The Naked Knight - written and illustrated by Sunny Victor.

The Naked Knight #3

After being stunned by the incredible revelations at the end of Naked Knight #2, our hero Dylan needs to find the truth about the sexy older guy with incredible powers that suddenly appeared before him.

Issue #3 in the story of The Naked Knight takes us back a lifetime ago, deep into the depths of outer space and beyond. It's part of the origin story of The Naked Knight, and we meet a young Professor Madsen - an astronaut who satisfied his urges with his colleague, Dimitar.

Following an accident in space, Dimitar is transported to an unknown planet containing the territory of Gaia. In Gaia, Dimitar makes the acquaintance of four beautiful, winged male Guardians, and somehow becomes the ruler of the land.

It’s a fairy-tale come true, until a disastrous event brings the beast-slaying battles and sexual orgies to a sudden end. What happens next will affect Gaia for generations, as well as our hero Dylan - not to mention every other living soul on Earth!

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