I was recently reading a survey from a mens fitness magazine. To be honest there weren’t too many surprises, for example:

49% of respondents were least happy with their Abs and yet 43%
of respondents reported that the thing that is stopping them getting the
body that they want is that they “like food too much”… Errr hello?.

While surveys such as these are not rocket science, they are a useful
reminder of the often subconscious impact that the way we look has on the
way we feel.

Let’s reflect on some of the numbers:

  • 65% of respondents are not happy with their body
  • 10% of respondents would consider plastic surgery to improve their body
  • 62% of respondents would like to lose weight
  • 39% of respondents feel self-conscious about being naked in front of their partner

The obvious answer of course is to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to the gym, but that kind of tough-love approach is not particularly helpful if you’re caught in self-fulfilling spiral of masking your low self-esteem with comfort food and alcohol.

If you’re wanting to change the way you look, start with small, achievable steps — set yourself some goals and acknowledge your progress as you achieve them. Achieving goals and seeing your body begin to respond will motivate you to keep going.

Everyone can easily point to things about themselves that they’d like to improve, but getting a plan in place to try and work on your weaknesses is half the battle.