Got a beach holiday planned this summer? Wanting to turn heads on the beach (for all the right reasons)? Then you need the patented G-TV Beach Body Bikini Blast Diet!

Follow these five simple steps and you’ll soon be stripping off and plonking yourself on the sand with nothing but confidence and a wistful smile:

  1. Add a fibre supplement to your diet (try Regucol or Psyllium Husks);
  2. Cut out all artificial sweeteners from your diet (read the label of what you’re drinking/eating — it’s important);
  3. Add 1 avocado per day to your diet (good fats, lots of nutrients and quite tasty);
  4. Stop eating bread (you knew it was coming — don’t fight it);
  5. Add fresh berries to your breakfast (and avoid eating them at any other time of the day).

Of course you’re going to need to keep up the exercise and keep a close eye on everything else that you’re eating, but it’s the little changes that can make a big difference to how your body responds, how you look and (most importantly) how you feel.