It took me a while to realise that my sex-ed classes in school had left me woefully ill-prepared for the real thing.

To be fair, guy-on-guy sex wasn’t something that my school felt was necessary to talk about. Condoms were a birth control option.

Learning what to do in bed with a guy was something I kind of figured out through trial and error, some embarrassing fumbling, and the few gay porn magazines that I managed to occasionally get my hands on. Obviously, this was before smart phones, or the internet.

The game-changer was when I managed to furtively sneak into an adult book-store in Melbourne. As well as the normal range of porn magazines and VHS video tapes, there was also an extensive range of novels. This was my first introduction to the world of erotic gay fiction.

I was hooked.

Obviously, I got a lot of pleasure from the erotic novels that I bought from time-to-time. By myself, having a bit of me-time, reading about the adventures of lusty cabin boys on pirate ships, or crusading knights held captive by a swarthy Arabian prince with an insatiable appetite.

Beyond just fuelling my fantasies, the erotic gay fiction that I was reading also taught me about the mechanics of sex between guys, about what was possible, what would feel good, and even just how to talk about sex with another guy.

The good news is that I no longer have to furtively sneak into adult bookstores to get my fix of erotic gay fiction. Not that I’m embarrassed by that kind of thing anymore. There’s now a huge range of erotic gay fiction stories available on Amazon that are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded to a Kindle.

There’s obviously a time and a place to read erotic gay fiction, but it’s ridiculously convenient to have a Kindle loaded up with testosterone-charged stories that can heat things up whenever you need some inspiration.

One of my contributions to the genre is a series of short stories I've called Bad Boys' Book Club.

It's a collection of short stories about guy-on-guy encounters. It's unlikely to win any awards, but if you're looking for some fap fiction to fuel your fantasies, then it might just do the trick.

Here’s the geo-specific links on how to get your hands on a copy of Bad Boys’ Book Club:

NSA was close — a few quick messages and the deal was done, Xander had just had time for a quick shower and to pull on a pair of shorts before NSA was ringing his doorbell.

Xander slowly began to lower the bar to his chest to complete this third rep of the first set, he looked up and Carlos’s shorts swayed into his field of vision - Xander quickly realised that he was looking directly up the leg of Carlos’s shorts and all he could see was a huge cock swinging freely before his eyes.


It was quite a while since he’d been on a proper date, a couple of months really. There’d been plenty of quick hook-ups, but nothing that really qualified as a proper date. He walked home with a spring in his step, wrapping his coat tightly around him against the winter cold.

In David’s mind it was definitely a friends-with-benefits situation. He really liked spending time with Joachim, and the sex was good, but it definitely wasn’t dating, David was not ready to settle down with a boyfriend.

Xander only just managed to leap clear of the approaching cyclist, almost making it to the pavement, however with the combination of the wet weather and his less than sensible shoes, he lost his footing and before he knew it he could feel himself off-balance, falling backwards, no longer in control of what his body was doing.

Sitting down the back of the bus there wasn’t many people around. He had thought that he had been holding his phone at a discrete angle. He thought that he had been enjoying his porn unobserved.

David always wore his swim-briefs quite tight, but this black pair were particularly snug. David enjoyed the feel of the lycra against his skin as he pulled them up over his thick, muscular thighs and up over his firm butt.

Tommo assumed that Claudio was straight. He never gave any indication otherwise. He wasn’t particularly Tommo’s type but he enjoyed their easy familiarity.

Here’s the geo-specific links on how to get your hands on a copy of Bad Boys’ Book Club:

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